Links: Minecraft Creations

Some links to Minecraft Creations that I found particularly fascinating or impressive:

Sites with more Minecraft Creations: “Exhibiting 6356 Minecraft pictures from 6212 users… and counting!” [13/05/2012] MinecraftGallery is a community where members can share their latest Minecraft creations, artwork, and wallpapers with the entire Minecraft community. With over 100,000 monthly visits, MinecraftGallery is the top gallery website for Minecraft. We are also listed as on of the two endorsed Minecraft Galleries.MinecraftGallery began in October 2010 and now boasts over 500 creations with a community spreading over facebook, twitter, youtube, and the gallery itself. (from the site)

What are the best things that have been made in Minecraft,” a super collection.

More to follow!

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